Celebrate your special day with the Lotus House. Instead of collecting gifts, ask people to donate items or money in your honor. We will send a special hand written letter on your behalf, letting them know what an impact it has made.
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  • $25 provides 10 nutritious meals for a women sheltered at Lotus House
  • $50 provides a new diaper bag, blanket, bottles, and essential baby supplies for a Lotus House newborn
  • $100 provides a bassinet to cradle one of our littlest infants
  • $150 provides the all important stroller and car seat needed to bring a baby home from the hospital
  • $250 provides a convertible crib/toddler bed, mattress and cuddly linens
  • $500 helps cover the cost of school uniforms, shoes, transportation assistance, books, school supplies and related costs for a young woman striving to complete her educational or vocational goals while at Lotus House
  • $1,000 helps cover the cost of shelter, meals, counseling, job readiness training, social services support, and educational and enrichment activities for one woman sheltered at Lotus House for an entire month
  • $2,500 helps fund our job readiness training programs, including costs for books, computers, supplies, vocational training, licenses and certifications, and a full time employment coach to provide individual assistance to women on the work path
  • $5,000 provides 100 counseling sessions to assist women who need to heal from childhood abuse, domestic violence and other traumas and build the foundation for safe, secure lives
  • $10,000 provides nurturing parenting education, parent/child therapy, child therapy and infant mental health screenings for all of our mothers, mothers-to-be and their infants and toddlers on a monthly basis
  • $25,000 funds one of our family shelter beds (mom together with cribs/beds for accompanying children), meals, access to medical and mental health care, counseling, parent/child therapy, job training, social services and comprehensive support services for an entire year at Lotus House