Board of Directors

Constance Collins

President & DirectorFounder & President, The Sundari Foundation Inc.

Constance Collins, Esq., is President and Executive Director of the Sundari Foundation, Inc., a non-denominational 501c3 public charity, best known as the Lotus House Women’s Shelter, and its supporting foundations, Lotus Endowment Fund, Inc., Lotus Village Development, LLC, and Lotus Supporting Foundation, Inc.

John Sumberg

Vice President & DirectorChairman, Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod, LLP

"Literally the first day I met Constance over 15 years ago, I was inspired by her vision of helping homeless women and children and providing them the support and opportunities they need to improve their circumstances and lives. Lotus House is the manifestation of that vision and dream. I am honored and humbled to be involved. "


Kim Abreu

Treasurer & DirectorSenior Vice President, Bank of America, N.A.

"We are all blessed to have the talented team of Lotus House in our community. I am a big believer in the holistic approach Lotus House provides in delivering educational, emotional, physical, social and vocational care and treatment to all the women and children that call Lotus House home. I think Lotus House is at the forefront in gathering, analyzing and sharing data to better measure and implement successful approaches to delivering the support that every individual deserves and the outcomes that make our communities better."

Ana Cousins

Secretary & Director Assistant Supervisor, Civil Division, Miami Dade County Clerk of Courts

Cindy Bell

DirectorNurse & Volunteer 

"I have been involved with Lotus House for 14 years and have witnessed women of all ages, pregnant moms, newborns, children, and youth receive the best evidenced-based medical care, counseling, mental health, child care, educational services, employment, and holistic programming. Witnessing a guest leave LH with new skills and inner confidence to follow her purpose, keeps me returning time and again. All of us are in this together…the Village keeps expanding outward."

David Berdugo

DirectorCPA & Manager, Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra aka MBAF CPA and Advisors

"I was first introduced to the Lotus House through a leadership program from the FICPA. One of our first activities were to volunteer at the Lotus House where I knew right away I wanted to be a part of such a special organization. The attention to even the smallest detail is why I knew this is where I wanted to devote my time and attention to such a great cause."

Seth Cassel

Director |President, EveryMundo

"I support Lotus House because it effects transformational change in the lives of those in our community who need it the most. Lotus House is relentless in the pursuit of its mission - a mission which not only benefits the Village guests, but the entire community and city as a whole. In due time, the impact of Lotus House will pay social dividends on a national and generational basis."


Giselle Devera

Director The Community

Tamu Fourie

Director |Associate General Counsel, Baptist Health

“I believe every woman is a unique creation capable of making an immeasurable contribution to her world. Through its holistic and evidence-based approach, the Lotus House team led by Constance Collins provides a safe and love-filled place for women and their children to heal, grow and recognize their individual value. The team is compassionate and dedicated, and they work tirelessly to be a blessing to their guests and to the community. I am so blessed to be able to serve.”

Evelyn L. Greer


“Since the days when Lotus House was an 8 unit apartment building struggling to meet an overwhelming need, there was the dream of a state of the art facility truly serving the needs of homeless women and children. The dream is now real in our beautiful home!”

Julie Grimes

DirectorManaging Partner, Hilton Bentley 

"For over 20 years, I have watched in awe as Constance Collins devoted her life to the creation and development of what is now our country’s largest, most holistic women’s shelters.  From one day to the next, she gave up life as a successful business woman and focussed all her incredible talent and passion into saving the lives of our community’s most vulnerable women and children.  Lotus House is a beacon of hope lighting up countless lives and guiding the way to a better future for those who have been the victims of unbearable life traumas and poverty.  It is an honour to support Constance and the amazing Lotus House team."

Julie Lotspeich


"The Lotus House changes lives one family and one woman at a time by providing a loving and compassionate environment while providing guests resources for their future. I support Lotus House because the program is so effective. Over 80% of the guests leaving the Lotus House exit the shelter system."

Martin Z Margulies

Director | Developer & Philanthropist

“14 years ago, Constance bought a run-down building with 12 apartments and housed 34 women, along with a separate utility building which served the meals. Little did I know how involved I would become and the great accomplishment which we now have at Lotus Village serving more than 500 women and children. The building was all financed with private money. Constance was the inspiration and has brought this to where it is now—the top facility of its kind in the US.”

Adriene McCoy

Director Corporate Vice President and Chief HR Officer, Baptist Health

"I support Lotus House because of its compassionate commitment to underserved communities. Supporting mothers and children in crisis is a true mission of love"



Maria Millares

DirectorMillares & Company, PA

"I support Lotus House because by using a holistic approach it truly gives the residents an opportunity to improve the quality of their lives and empowers them to become successful members of our community. I also love that the Lotus House puts children first, they are our hope for a better world."

Miroslav "Misha" Mladenovic, P.E.

DirectorPresident, M2E Consulting

"Lotus House is a stellar example of a successful non-profit: from a holistic approach to mend human beings that have been given no chance of success or even survival, to providing a springboard to its clients by offering employment guidance, and even employing them in the Lotus Village. Seeing the changed faces and fates of our fellow beings, from desolate to hopeful and from abandoned to significant makes me always want to do more. Led by the wisdom and endless energy of my friend Constance, I first hand saw the difference a well-organized and cleverly managed institution can do: numbers don’t lie, and the overwhelmingly successful integration of Lotus Houses’ clients into society is a testimony to its existence. Ultimately, one cannot feel indifferent when visiting the Lotus Village – I leave it always smiling, buoyant with energy and hope that the next Lotus year will be an even better one!"

Cobi Moon

Director Retired Firefighter, City of Miami

"I continue to happily support Lotus House as I have witnessed the hard work, long hours, love and dedication this team gives every day to provide life changing opportunities to women and children in an effort to empower, uplift and advance their status in our community. I am humbled by their efforts and blessed to be able to help"

Nat Moore

DirectorSVP of Special Projects and Alumni Relations, Miami Dolphins

"For over 20 years I have seen the work the Lotus house has done to change lives for mothers and their children by providing the resources to help them escape domestic violence and to stop the cycle while providing resources and skills. I am honored to be part of this board and the work that Constance Collins and her staff do."

Sheila Oretsky


"I love Lotus House because it isn’t only a safe place for homeless women and children, but a place where they are taught skills, supported in many senses and provided with tools to overcome challenges. I love seeing how the staff and residents really come together as a family to provide a warm, safe and special place for the women and children. It is a place of healing, love, and inclusion."

Tomás P. Regalado

Director | Former Mayor of the City of Miami and Radio and TV anchor

"I served as a member of the HomelessTrust for 12 years, as a City of Miami Commissioner and Mayor I understand the challenges of homelessness. I am honored to serve on the board of Lotus House because while some focus exclusively on the homeless they see on the streets, Constances has made it her life's work to rescue the women and children that live in the shadows, those that for years have learned to not to be seen. Lotus House has given these families a place to heal, shine and thrive. Lotus house is not just a place to live, it is a place where those who for years felt unwanted learn about love, respect and hope."

Nena Rich

DirectorNurse, Volunteer and Philanthropist 

"Lotus House is essential to the City of Miami and I am proud to be a part of supporting this incredible organization. Miami has many elements that make it a beautiful and diverse place to visit and live. Ensuring that every member of our city has access to a safe home is our duty to provide and Lotus House has developed and executes an impeccable program. Their knowledgeable staff and leadership consistently deliver holistic approaches to offering shelter and support to those experiencing homelessness."

Dwayne Robinson

Director Senior Associate, Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton, LLP

"The Lotus House is an oasis of hope. It is a refuge for women and children at the darkest times of their lives. We light the path and often build the bridge to safety, security, and serenity for our guests. I am proud to support the work of The Lotus House."

Tadd Schwartz

DirectorSchwartz Media

"More than a building full of beds, Lotus House is a model for how the public and private sectors can work together to ensure the most vulnerable members of our community – homeless women and children – enter the continuum of care designed to keep them off the streets for good. It’s one thing to provide a bed and warm meal. Lotus House goes the extra mile by emphasizing medical and mental healthcare, early education for children, access to social services, and educational, vocational and employment support that prepares people for personal and professional growth. Our world needs more places like Lotus House. Making that happen takes a village."

Faith Singer Xenos

Director | Director Sr. Wealth Advisor, Mariner Wealth Advisors

"I have been involved with the Lotus House since it’s inception. Constance Collins has been a friend and a mentor to me. I live by the words “to those whom much is given, much is expected.” I’ve watched the beautiful transition in many women’s lives here, they help us we don’t help them; to believe in miracles."

Mark Tamis

DirectorSenior Vice President, Hotel Operations, Royal Caribbean International

"I am so proud both professionally through Royal Caribbean International and personally to be involved with Lotus Village and a member of the Board of Directors. Lotus Village and Constance are such bright lights in such an underserved and dark side of our beautiful seaside community and I feel so fortunate to have a venue to do my small part."

Dr. Kathryn Villano

Director Holistic Doctor & Philanthropist

"Even after many years on the boards of both the shelter and its endowment, I never cease to be amazed by the foresight, resourcefulness and compassion of this staff. I support Lotus House knowing not a penny is wasted and lives are being changed every day."

Rachel Wagner Furst

DirectorPartner, Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen

"The Lotus House provides life changing holistic services to the most vulnerable members of our community and it does so with grace and love. The programs are ambitious and the team never settles for what might suffice as average. I am so proud to be able to help this amazing organization."

Debra Wechsler

DirectorNorman & Irma Braman Family Foundation

"Lotus House is an extraordinary asset to our community and to our city . I feel so fortunate that I am on the board and have the opportunity to see up close how and why it works. The staff is so dedicated to their guests and because of that; the lives of their women and children are transformed."

Antonia Wright


"The Lotus House is a very unique place- it not only offers food and shelter, but also helps women heal through many modalities, including art. Contemporary art hangs on the walls, there is an arts and activities lab for the children, art lectures, and incredible visiting artists teach classes to the guests. For almost 10 years I have watched the shelter evolve and was lucky to help establish their art-in-residency program. For many homeless women, they learn to become invisible, but art helps them find and celebrate their voice. This holistic approach to empowering women is why the Lotus House is so successful; women can stay for up to one year and 80 percent transition into permanent housing. Now more than ever, we need to support the most vulnerable members of our society."

Tiffany Zientz Heckler

DirectorCFO, LSN Partners, LLC

When faced with the most difficult decisions in life (Where do I go now?How do I keep my children safe?), Lotus House responds, “ Here.” LH takes our community at their most vulnerable and provides a safe, clean, nourishing environment to rest (first) and then assists in the process of moving forward and rebuilding lives. The energy and camaraderie of the guests, the staff, the board and the donors is felt every time I walk through the front doors.

Advisory Committee

Ronide Blanc

Advisory DirectorAlumna, Program Director at Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique

"Lotus House has been there for me during the lowest days of my life. As a staff and alumna of this foundation, I am honored to be able to see how much Lotus House has grown and I wish to see them get the light they deserve."


Sharonee Delevante

Advisory DirectorAlumna, Operations Director at Lotus House

"I've had the privilege of being sheltered at Lotus House, and to this very day can't help but feel like there will never be enough I can do to show how much I truly appreciate the Support, and Love this Family has provided me with! "


Lenora Felder

Advisory DirectorAlumna, Assistant Director of Guest Services at Lotus House


Rai Johnson

Advisory DirectorAlumna, Recovery Support Director at Lotus House


Carole Jordan

Advisory DirectorAlumna, Guest Services Director at Lotus House


Monyia Knights

Advisory DirectorAlumna, Guest Services Director at Lotus House

"I was once a seed, that became a rose, that blossomed into me. A Lotus house prodigy."