Constance Collins

President & Director

Founder & President, The Sundari Foundation Inc.


Kim Abreu

Treasurer & Director

Senior Vice President, Bank of America

"I am involved because I believe the Lotus House model of providing holistic, wrap around services in addition to housing provides a greater chance of success in ending the cycle of homelessness.  Every woman and child touched by Lotus House has the opportunity to be the best they can be and our community will share in their success."

Cobi Moon


Retired Firefighter, City of Miami

"Having retired after 29 years as a Miami firefighter, I was inspired  to think of a way to serve again, especially the women and children in our community. I was introduced to the work of Constance Collins and the Lotus House. The incredible things they were doing to uplift and empower women and children was something I knew I wanted to be a part of!"

Martin Z Margulies


Developer & Philanthropist

"There are many different charities one can be involved with. Lotus House is an exceptional charity which brings hope and uplifts people who are less fortunate. There is no wasted money on achieving these excellent results."

John Sumberg


Managing Partner, Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod, LLP

"Literally the first day I met Constance over 10 years ago, I was inspired by her vision of helping homeless women and children and providing them the support and opportunities they need to improve their circumstances and lives. Lotus House is the manifestation of that vision and dream. I am honored and humbled to be involved. "

Debra Wechsler


Norman & Irma Braman Family Foundation

"I am really thrilled to be involved with and on the board of Lotus House because of the many lives we change. From single women to teenage girls to mothers to be and everyone else. Lotus House changes the lives of these women but also of their families. If you love Miami, you have to love Lotus House..."

Mark Tamis


Senior Vice President, Hotel Operations, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

"When my daughter Isabella was three she asked me if we could go play with "Charity."  I had just gathered some of her toys and the highchair she had just grew out of, and told her I was going to give them to Charity.  It was in that moment that I gathered her up with me and introduced her to charity and on that day we started Many years later in Miami Beach we were looking for a place to donate a playground set my three kids had grown out of and was introduced to Lotus House and met Constance on the day we delivered the set.  I know then that I wanted to combine my efforts with my kids, Bella, Harry and Ricky and Dads for Giving and have since hosted annual events with Lotus House.  I also wanted to find a way to become more directly involved in the work and vision that Constance had set for Lotus Village.  I look forward to being involved for many years to come and can't wait to see the smiles on the faces of the mothers and children whom will get to call Lotus Village home for a short while until they transition to an even better home…"

Seth Cassel


President, EveryMundo

"I am involved because of my love for Miami and all of its communities, especially those in need; and because Lotus House is both impacting people on a local level while effecting change on a national level. "

Rachel Wagner Furst


Partner, Grossman Roth Yaffa Cohen

"I am involved to support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged women and children in my community and the amazing Lotus House team that works to transform their lives."

Miroslav "Misha" Mladenovic, P.E.


President, M2E Consulting

"I had the pleasure of meeting Constance when she was a developer, as a client. We developed both a keen sense of professional and personal respect, but also a connection on a more spiritual level (yoga, community, justice). When I saw her several years later passionately explaining the model of Lotus House at a Chamber event, I knew we had to get involved, as our engineering profession has many uses (designing, building), and I offered to Constance “to use me as much as she can!”. Sure enough, the phone rung, and we provided design work for the Chic Boutique, certification for the existing buildings, and it all gave us the opportunity to interact more closely with all the wonderful staff and guests at the Lotus House. I was hooked! Unforgettable moments multiplied from the opening of the Chic Boutique to the testimony of guests and their children. What Lotus House gave me back is infinitely more than I gave: a renewed sense of the existence of goodness in this world (don’t we all need that now?). I particularly remember Constance’s words when we started talking about Lotus House, that it is a nonprofit that will eventually be self-sustaining, with former guests becoming future community leaders and fundraisers: what a far-reaching prophecy! …  "

Rai Johnson


Giselle Devera


Brittany Slater


Cindy Bell

Vice President & Director

Nurse & Volunteer 

"I believe that we are all connected and collectively we can make a difference in this community, in our city and in the world.  To see a woman and a child’s life transform keeps me returning time and again."

Dr. Gordon Miller



"I am involved with Lotus House and the Sundari Foundation to support the enthusiastic work done by Constance Collins in this great endeavor on which she has embarked."

Faith Xenos


Founding Partner, Singer Xenos Wealth Management

"When they say ‘it takes a village,’ Lotus House is the village I have always envisioned.  An organization committed to helping women and children thrive; operating with the utmost professionalism and ethics; and being a part of the fabric of the community. That is why I have supported it for the past 11 years, and why I will continue for as long as I have the privilege to do so."

Dwayne Robinson


Senior Associate, Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton

"As a Christian, my faith is not merely a word, an association, a belief, or ideals.  It is an action.  Among other things, that action is to:  Love my neighbors as I love myself, which I fail at daily.  From my very first time volunteering at Lotus House, I saw that the Lord’s work was being done there.  And I did not want to miss out on the action."

Chris McAliley


Magistrate Judge, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida

"Lotus House's guests, graduates, founders and leaders inspire me. They embody love, courage and determination, and it feels wonderful to support them."

Dr. Kathryn Villano


Holistic Doctor & Philanthropist

"It’s always been an honor and an inspiration to see up close how the staff and leadership pull off the miracle that is Lotus House. They are not “all heart.” They are heart, brains and guts, changing lives everyday."

Nena Rich


"I am involved with Lotus House because I want to be an active participant in the Miami community and contribute to improving the lives of the people with whom I share this beautiful city.  Lotus House succeeds in their mission of helping women and children experiencing homelessness on a daily basis.  I am committed to supporting the Lotus House organization in any capacity so that they can continue to provide the multitude of services they offer and for which they have proven to be exceptionally successful at delivering."

Tiffany Zientz Heckler


CFO, LSN Partners, LLC

"I’m involved with Lotus House because they have the best staff of any non-profit, anywhere, ever! I’m inspired and blown away everyday by the level of respect and care and support and love they provide to the most vulnerable population in our community."

Anita Broad


"When a child is born into hopelessness and fear, they have little choice as to their future. It is my goal to assist Lotus House in providing a safety net with protective factors and life saving interventions so that hope truly blossoms for women and children in need in our beloved community."

Ana Cousins


"I want to be a part of the solution!
"Even if you just change one life, you've changed the world forever."  Mike Satterfield."

Sheila Oretsky


"I am involved with Lotus House because it gives women and children that are in terrifying situations somewhere safe and healing to go.  I love the holistic approach that the shelter takes to help these families get back on their feet and disable the cycle from perpetuating.  Providing these women way more than just the basic necessities gives them the confidence and resources to build better lives for themselves and their families."

Evelyn L. Greer


"Every dollar contributed and every hour as a volunteer at Lotus House directly improves the lives of women and children. Seeing the direct impact is why I love Lotus House."

Antonia Wright



Julie Lotspeich



Maria Millares


Millares & Co PA

Tadd Schwartz


Schwartz Media