Lotus House is more than shelter from the storm. Trauma in families and children has a definite cost that can be life long. Research shows that trauma negatively impacts memory, concentration and learning in children, especially those at greatest risk in our communities. Unresolved trauma can cause depression, anxiety, aggression, withdrawal or self-destructive, even suicidal, behaviors in our young ones. Studies indicate that homeless children:

  • Are sick at twice the rate of other children
  • Go hungry twice as often as non-homeless children
  • Experience twice the rate of learning disabilities and are twice as likely to repeat a grade
  • Have three times the rate of emotional and behavioral problems of non-homeless children
  • Most homeless mothers have a history of trauma themselves, often dating back to their childhoods.

Homelessness itself is another layer of trauma for mothers and children, and yet, there is hope. The latest research indicates that it is possible to break the cycle of childhood abuse, domestic violence and homelessness with life changing support, tools, education and resources that heal broken bodies, minds and spirits. Mothers provided with evidence-based trauma-resolution therapy and strong supportive parenting skills can positively impact everything from their child’s chances of high school graduation to their success in the work force as adults.

Lotus House is committed to providing child and family centered services that promote trauma resolution in both children and mothers. Families benefit from evidence-based child therapy, dyadic parent/child therapy and parenting education to build the foundation for a safe, secure and better way of life.

In addition to these critical components to healing, Lotus House offers a wide range of other programs and services that are needed. This isn’t about second chances it’s about the very first and the future.

In a supportive and nurturing environment, our families are afforded a safe haven and an opportunity to learn and grow on every level. Mothers and babies receive much needed supplies like formula, diapers, bottles, blankets, and maternity and infant clothing. Our shared apartments include cribs, changing tables, kitchens equipped with child safety features, and toys. Lush gardens and a “baby and me” play center offer children and moms alike a safe environment in which to bond, play and find peace together.

In addition to free shelter, clothing, and nourishing meals, Lotus House provides coordinated, multi-faceted, wrap-around support services, arranging pre-natal care, birthing and parenting classes, access to life saving medications, infant mental health screening, and medical and mental health treatment. Counselors serve as advocates to ensure every family receives social services and benefits essential to their new start to happy and healthy lives. Our job readiness training programs and employment specialist assist mothers in re-entering the work world after babies are born, learning how to juggle their new roles, and saving their nest egg for their future transition to permanent homes.

When families are ready to move, Lotus House Thrift helps them get settled in their new homes with donated furnishings, linens, dishes and kitchen necessities, as well as special needs items for babies like cribs, strollers, car seats, and more. Lotus House continues to serve as a resource to provide stability to these new families long after their successful completion.

In holistic child and family centered programming and support services, Lotus House helps these special women and their children emerge from the shadows, give voice to their dreams and aspirations, and become who they are meant to be. Your support truly makes hope blossom!