LOTUS HOUSE THRIFT, LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of the Foundation

Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique is an essential partner with Lotus House is assisting homeless women and children with special needs build a safe, secure future in three very important ways:

    1. donated clothing and shoes ensure that the women and children we shelter will have their basic clothing needs met, in addition to interview outfits and work attire for those on the work path;
    2. donated household goods and furnishings are used to help women and children outfit their new homes as they transition from Lotus House, and
    3. Lotus House Thrift houses all of our Employment Programs, serving as a real world, working classroom for women on the work path at Lotus House. The proceeds of what we sell help to pay our interns, allowing them to gain much needed work experience, references, and a “nest egg” for their move from Lotus House.

Additionally, the thrift store serves as the donations center for Lotus House, allowing us to receive, sort and store donations needed by the shelter for operations. Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique is located at 2040 NW 7th Avenue, Miami Fl 33127. Phone: 305-576-4112

You can help achieve these very important goals with your tax-deductible donations. We appreciate your support!

About Us:
Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique is an innovative boutique, donation center and retail work program, benefiting LOTUS HOUSE WOMEN’S SHELTER. Located near Wynwood, we specialize in designer, vintage, like new and gently used clothing, furniture, collectables and much more – all at beautiful prices!

Love to Shop, Shop to Love!
Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique is an essential partner with Lotus House in assisting women, youth, and children experiencing homelessness improve the quality of their lives on every level and achieve greater self-sufficiency. Lotus House Thrift serves as a vehicle for building grassroots support and raising public awareness so that solutions to end homelessness can remain inclusive. Your purchases and donations help the families we serve by:

• Supporting Lotus House Operations and Programming -All proceeds go to fund shelter, meals and key wrap-around services, including education, employment, counseling, health & wellness, and alternative pathways to healing.

• Meeting Basic Clothing Needs -Donated items ensure that women, youth and children we serve have basic shoes and clothing, including proper interview outfits and work attire, for free when they are most in need.

• Furnishing New Homes -When families are ready to move from Lotus House, Lotus House Thrift helps them outfit their new homes with donated household goods and furniture items.

• Providing Educational and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES – LOTUS HOUSE THRIFT HOUSES OUR PROFESSIONAL AND LIFE SKILLS CENTER and its employment programs. Our store, barista bar, and online store are all “working classrooms” and our helpful, and enthusiastic staff is made up entirely of Lotus House guests and alumni. Proceeds help fund program, instructors, and interns providing women and youth skills, work experience, professional references, and a “nest egg” as they prepare to leave Lotus House and start their new lives.



Basic Life Skills
Our program prepares women and youth at Lotus House to live independently. Group classes and individual coaching are provided to assist women and youth in developing financial literacy, improving reading and basic math skills, and learning basic computer skills, including basic keyboarding skills, word processing programs, and Internet search engines. Participants also learn other essential life skills, such us navigating the transportation system, and developing effective communication skills.

Education Programs
Through Adult Basic Education (ABE) and General Education (GED) courses, our Education program allows women and youth to make educational gains that will further their individual education and employment goals, and improve the quality of their lives, in a supportive and trauma-informed environment. ABE and GED courses are offered on-site through Miami Dade Public School teachers, while guidance and educational support, including tutoring, are provided one-on-one to each student. Our education program is open to current Lotus House guests, alumni, and women and youth in the surrounding Overtown community.

Employment Training
Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique is dedicated to the support, education, advancement and social inclusion of women and youth with special needs. Our employment training programs aim to support, uplift and empower them to achieve greater self-sufficiency. As these special women and youth blossom into who they are truly meant to be, our entire community benefits from their beauty and the fruit of their potential realized.

Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique houses our Professional and Life Skills Center offering innovative, respectful, and compassionate educational programs for the women and youth Lotus House serves. Our programs are designed to provide woman on the work path with access to the tools and resources they need to secure gainful full or part-time employment, and become economically independent.

Basic Job Readiness
Through a combination of educational workshops, individual coaching, and access to further vocational training our Basic Job Readiness program enables women and youth to develop basic skills to enter the work world: responsible work etiquette, interpersonal communication, teamwork and leadership. Participants develop job search action steps, complete on-line applications, prepare resumes, sharpen interviewing skills, and learn to meet the challenges of entering the workforce. As participants discover the fulfillment of gainful employment and achieve greater self-sufficiency, “Job Coaching” groups and individual guidance provide a support system with opportunities for advancement and celebrating successes.

Retail Job Training Program
Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique is a “real world,” working retail classroom staffed entirely by Lotus House guests and alumni. Our Retail Job Training program offers our interns hands-on vocational training in the retail business, and an opportunity to learn about every aspect of operations of a retail store, including marketing and sales strategies, money-handling and cash register skills, receiving and displaying merchandise, sorting and storing inventory/donations, and developing customer service skills.

Barista Job Training Program
With assistance from local entrepreneurs Panther Coffee and their experienced team of baristas, we have developed a Barista Job Training Program focused on preparing candidates to enter the barista and restaurant industry. The Café at Lotus House Thrift acts as a “working classroom” providing a fast-paced work environment where interns are immersed in making espresso and building customer service skills, as they learn the ins and outs of running a food-service establishment.

E-commerce Job Training Program
To ensure women and youth in our program have the technical and computer literacy skills demanded of the work world today and are equipped to enter the workforce successfully, we offer an E-commerce Job Training Program via our online retail platform. Interns learn to apply career and life skills to the field of e-commerce and develop online business skills applicable to businesses beyond retail. Our program covers the basics of Internet search tools, posting and product sales, packaging and shipping, managing in-store and online inventory, as well as customer service, and basic online marketing and social media skills.

Upon completing our educational programs, participants work with Lotus House employment coaches and JEWISH COMMUNITY SERVICES OF SOUTH FLORIDA to pursue their individual employment goals. With the support of our COMMUNITY PARTNERS and thanks to our referral relationships with community organizations and businesses, women and youth at Lotus House are able to secure gainful full or part time employment, taking important steps towards building the foundation for a brighter future. Want to get involved?

Ways to Help
Are you a fashionista? You can help! Living on a budget? You can also help! Perhaps you are a professional development maverick, collect antiques, or simply have a penchant for sequins. Great! Everyone brings something to the table, which means that you too can improve the lives of women in our community and help us break the destructive cycle of violence and homelessness. Need ideas? We have a few:

Indulge In a Little Shopping
Thanks to the generous support of our donors and the diversity of their wardrobes, we receive new merchandise daily, from couture and special labels to unique vintage pieces. VISIT OUR STORE or SHOP ONLINE and support Lotus House women as they work to build a safe and brighter future for themselves and their families.

Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique is located at 2040 NW 7th Avenue, Miami, FL, 33127. Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday, from 10am-7pm, Phone: 305-576-4112, Email: INFO@LOTUSHOUSETHRIFT.ORG

Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, and Reenergize!
We welcome your donations of new and gently used clothing, furnishings, small appliances, kitchenware, decorative items, and other household goods. All donations are tax-deductible. Please contact us at 305-576-4112 or info@lotushousethrift.org to make drop-off or pick-up arrangements. Also! VIEW OUR WISH LIST!

Networking, Networking
Located in the Professional and Life Skills Center inside our thrift store, our EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM seeks to develop ongoing referral relationships with business and community leaders to maximize employment opportunities for the women in our program. Join our efforts by BECOMING A CORPORATE PARTNER.

Are you a human resource or business professional? VOLUNTEER with our EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM to design a workshop, offer critical input on the content of educational materials, provide one-on-one coaching and feedback on practice interviews, and more!

Are you a natural teacher? VOLUNTEER with our Life Skills and Education Program to tutor our women and youth in adult education and their highschool studies.