Professional Development

Lotspeich Family Education Center in Honor of Jay Lotspeich

Basic Job Readiness

Through a combination of educational workshops, individual coaching, and access to further vocational training our Basic Job Readiness program enables women and youth to develop basic skills to enter the work world: responsible work etiquette, interpersonal communication, teamwork and leadership. Participants develop job search action steps, complete on-line applications, prepare resumes, sharpen interviewing skills, and learn to meet the challenges of entering the workforce. As participants discover the fulfillment of gainful employment and achieve greater self-sufficiency, “Job Coaching” groups and individual guidance provide a support system with opportunities for advancement and celebrating successes.

Employment Training

Our Education Center is dedicated to the support, education, advancement and social inclusion of women and youth with special needs. Our employment training programs aim to support, uplift and empower them to achieve greater self-sufficiency. As these special women and youth blossom into who they are truly meant to be, our entire community benefits from their beauty and the fruit of their potential realized.

We offer innovative, respectful, and compassionate educational programs for the women and youth Lotus House serves. Our programs are designed to provide woman on the work path with access to the tools and resources they need to secure gainful full or part-time employment, and become economically independent.

Basic Life Skills

Our program prepares women and youth at Lotus House to live independently. Group classes and individual coaching are provided to assist women and youth in developing financial literacy, improving reading and basic math skills, and learning basic computer skills, including basic keyboarding skills, word processing programs, and Internet search engines. Participants also learn other essential life skills, such us navigating the transportation system, and developing effective communication skills.

Education Programs

Through Adult Basic Education (ABE) and General Education (GED) courses, our Education program allows women and youth to make educational gains that will further their individual education and employment goals, and improve the quality of their lives, in a supportive and trauma-informed environment. ABE and GED courses are offered on-site through Miami Dade Public School teachers, while guidance and educational support, including tutoring, are provided one-on-one to each student. Our education program is open to current Lotus House guests, alumni, and women and youth in the surrounding Overtown community.