Employment and Education Center

Education and Employment Programming empower women, youth and children of all ages to succeed academically and in the work world.

Lotus House is dedicated to the support, education advancement, and social inclusion of women and youth by providing the tools and resources needed for our sheltered guests to achieve greater self-sufficiency through basic life skills and education programs. At the Lotspeich Family Education Center in Honor of Jay Lotspeich, our team is able to offer basic life skills, education, and basic job readiness programming.


Our Education Programs allows women and youth to further their education and employment goals, and improve the quality of their lives through varying educational supports:

  • Basic educational supplies
  • Enrollment assistance in Miami-Dade County Public Schools for children
  • Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Education (GED), and tutoring
  • Tutoring and homework assistance
  • English and Spanish literacy
  • College counseling, application & enrollment assistance
  • The Lotus Learning Pod

Basic Job Readiness

Our job readiness training program supports, uplifts, and empowers the women and youth at Lotus House to achieve greater financial self- sufficiency. Our programs are designed to provide them with access to the tools and resources they need to secure full or part-time employment, and become economically independent. Through our Basic Job Readiness program, we offer a combination of workshops and individual coaching that focus on:

  • “Job Coaching” and vocational job training
  • Job search and application assistance
  • Resume writing and interview skills
  • Interpersonal communication, teamwork and leadership, and work etiquette

Life Skills

Our Basic Life Skills program prepares women and youth at Lotus House to live independently through group and individual coaching that include:

  • Financial literacy
  • Basic computer and keyboard skills
  • Navigation of the transportation system
  • Basic civics education and voter registration,
  • Developing effective communication skills.

Internship Programs

We offer two onsite internship programs that provide our guests an opportunity for real-world job experience in our culinary center and thrift store.

  • David and Leila Centner Culinary Center is a “real world,” working kitchen providing educational programming, job training, certifications and internships. This key program empowers women, youth and children with nourishing meals, critical life skills, knowledge, self-confidence, and professional training. To learn more about our Culinary Center and their internship program click here.
  • Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique is a “real world,” working retail classroom primarily staffed by Lotus House guests and alumni. Our Retail Job Training program offers our interns hands-on vocational training in the retail business, and an opportunity to learn about every aspect of operating a retail store, including marketing and sales strategies, cash register skills, receiving and displaying merchandise, sorting and storing inventory/donations, and developing customer service skills. To learn more about Thrift and our retail training program click here.