The Vivian Morera Healing Hands Salon offers an opportunity for our guests to restore both inner and outer beauty and a sense of self-worth after struggling on the streets. We hear so often from the women and youth that enter our shelter that the loss of dignity, identity, and social inclusion is more traumatic than the accompanying loss of material possessions. By providing a place to prep for an important interview or to ensure that our youth and children do not stand out as uncared for when they go to school we are working to build back the dignity and identity of our guests.

The salon offers hair styling and nail appointments throughout the week to provide our guests with multiple opportunities for professional hair and nail care. Additionally, our salon provides education opportunities on maintaining healthy hair and skin. Based on techniques used by estheticians and licensed hair stylists, our hair care and skin care classes teach our guests about the biological functions and structures, disorders and how to identify them, and best practices so that our guests have the tools needed to maintain healthy hair and skin based on their own individual needs. The programs offered at the salon reinforces what we already know- they matter- and rebuild their self-esteem, allowing everyone to look and feel valued and included again.

2019-2020 Impact


Average number of weekly hair and nail appointments


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