Lotus House Holistic Programming utilizes the healing arts to create alternative pathways to wholeness for women, youth and children whose lives have been marked by trauma.

Vivian Morera Healing Hands Salon

Being homeless is one of the most isolating experiences women, youth and children can have. So often we hear from the women and youth that the loss of dignity, identity and social inclusion is more traumatic than the accompanying loss of material possessions. Our goal in the Healing Hands Salon is to restore both inner and outer beauty and a sense of self-worth for those who have struggled on the streets, to prep for that important upcoming interview, or to ensure that our youth and children do not stand out as uncared for when they go off to school. The salon offers basic skin, nail and hair care, along with a little old-fashioned and new-age nurturing. Brought to life by professional salons, stylists, skin and nail specialists, and volunteers from the community, this salon reinforces what we already know—they matter—and rebuild their self-esteem, allowing everyone to look and feel valued and included again.

Martin Z. Margulies Foundation Art and Activities Lab

We have seen firsthand the healing power of art on so many levels, giving voice to those who have survived by being invisible, touching our creative source, and reminding us all of our profound interconnection. In the Lab, the arts are explored as alternative pathways to healing and creative expression. The Lab is equipped with paint and easels, needle and thread, brush and paper, wire and beads, and all matter of materials and the glue which holds us all together. Our full-time programming coordinators and ongoing collaborative working relationships with artists and arts organizations, support offerings from the Lab in addition to a wide range of visiting artists and community volunteers.

The Farm at Lotus Village

The Farm is an innovative after-school program that teaches children about the seed-to-harvest life cycle and true farm-to-table cooking through hydroponic gardening. The Farm itself is an 8x40 ft shipping container fully outfitted with LED light panels, closed-loop irrigation system, software programming and climate controls to maintain a perfect internal growing environment 365 days per year. Since the start of the program in September 2019, the children of Lotus House have helped grow almost 14,000 heads of lettuce served in lunches and dinners in our Culinary Center.  Program activities take place in the Farm, Culinary Center and outdoor Urban Garden and include planting seeds, harvesting fresh veggies, transplanting sprouts to vertical columns, cooking demonstrations, composting, general garden tending/maintenance and much more.

Angela Whitman and Family Play Room

The children’s playroom is much greater than just a room for fun. It is a room of growth, of love, of learning, and of exceeding expectations. During infancy and early childhood, children develop their capacity for trust, self-esteem, conscience, empathy, problem solving, focused learning and self-control. It is a time of intense growth and development in all areas, including a child’s intellectual, social and emotional development, laying the foundation for their success in school and later life. When their needs are met by positive and consistent early experiences with loving caregivers and nurturing environments—as those of our young guests will be—babies and young children thrive.

Gardens and Fountains

Morris and Anita Broad Meditation Garden

Lotus Village includes lush green landscapes, soothing waterscapes, fountains and gardens that offer quiet refuges throughout the shelter and community grounds. Everything green is an opportunity for learning, healing and growing.

Yoga & Meditation Room and Zen Garden

Wildflower Foundation Yoga & Meditation Room and Zen Garden

The Yoga & Meditation Room is where our guests are able to heal from within and allow them to express themselves through yoga, meditation, dance, movement, and more. Programming for kids including dance, hosted by our friends at Arts 4 Learning, kid yoga, kick boxing, imagination workshops, and more.