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Following the shutdown of schools and summer programs due to COVID 19, we learned the importance of on-line “home-schooling” for our children and established the Lotus Learning Pod, offering an in-person, structured, supportive learning environment and enriched programming that catered to their special needs.  

Approximately 90 school aged children, from kindergarten through high school, benefited from the Learning Pod which provided intensive programming, educational supports, resources and guidance as they navigated this new way of learning that presents unique hurdles for sheltered children. Even when school returned to some normalcy, we knew that our children would continue requiring the intensive supports provided to ensure their continued growth and development. 

The Lotus Learning Pod offers:

– Virtual school navigation assistance and accountability

– Help with assignments and homework

– Tutoring services in all subjects

– College prep and application assistance

– Tutoring and assistance with standardized testing prep

– Additional supports for enriched programming activities 

– Support with coordinating field trips and cultural events at Lotus House

– School supplies, uniforms, required PPE and other materials

– Graduation celebrations, prom and senior activities