Lotus Village Voices

In the Studio at Lotus Village, we aim to create an exploratory educational, therapeutic and creative arts program and vodcast for the sheltered children and families of Lotus House; and launch the Vodcast utilizing an all new recording studio at Lotus Village to amplify their talents, stories, hopes and dreams. Our project goals are to:

1) Enhance and encourage creative expression and learning in all forms of language, sound, performance and visual arts, including personal and creative storytelling, spoken word, song, poetry, music, and performance; build confidence and self-esteem; and encourage positive social interactions and relationships;

2) Create outlets for the voices of children and families – who have too often survived by being invisible – and their life experiences, perspectives, stories, messages and artistic creativity that will be heard, seen and appreciated within Lotus Village and beyond by establishing a cloud-based audio and visual archive, and with permission, broadcast to our Miami-Dade community and the wider world; and

3) via an all new Vodcast, raise awareness of children with no place to call home; their need for safe, supportive shelter in times of transition; giving voice to their stories, special needs, strengths and creativity, messages, hopes and dreams; and sharing evidence-based best practices, service-driven research, and innovative solutions modeled in Lotus Village.



Power of storytelling transforms lives in Lotus House

https://www.local10.com/news/local/2021/09/23/power-of-storytelling-transforms-lives-in-lotus-house/  MIAMI – Alana Johnson says she enjoys working collaboratively with other kids at Lotus House to find different ways to express themselves in a new recording studio that harnesses …