New Facility in Miami-Dade Opens to Help Homeless Women, Children

Inside a brand new Northwest Miami-Dade building, you would think it’s a comfortable apartment complex – but it’s much more.

“This is a shelter, but so much more than a shelter for women and children in need in our community to heal, to reclaim their lives, and build a foundation for a brighter future,” said Constance Collins, executive director of Lotus Village.

The new Lotus Village will accommodate nearly 500 women and children at any given time, essentially doubling the organization’s community impact. Millions of dollars from organizations and donors made this dream into a reality.

“One of the first things we said when we built this new village is we want to be sure to put children first,” said Collins. “We know homelessness can be intergenerational.”

That’s why it’s not only just a shelter, but a place that uses programs like child and family therapy, individual counseling and educational support to make sure these families have another chance to become better people, and families.

“I believe we are all one,” Collins said. “We all have the opportunity for a better life as a community.”

For more information about the faculty, call the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust hotline at 1-877–994-4357.

Click the link below to read about Lotus House’s newest facility on NBC Miami’s website:

Lotus House Baynanza

Lotus House will be participating in Baynanza 2023! Check back at this link with more information on how to sign-up. 

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