Seeds of Change is a group of young professionals and leaders in Miami who come together in support of Lotus House to make hope blossom for the women, youth and children of Lotus House. Our Seeds of Change members help organize our Community Service Days and other special projects throughout the year including:

Annual Holiday Toy Drive

Halloween Carnival

Back to School BBQ

…and more!

Our members are also passionate advocates and spokespeople for Lotus House. By joining, young professionals and leaders have an opportunity to learn first hand about the challenges and opportunities for homeless women, youth and children, who they are, and solutions that empower them to heal, learn and grown, building the foundation for a better way of life and becoming who they are truly meant to be. Seeds of Change members regularly participate in community events, and through outreach with friends, colleagues and others in the community, garner resources for and provide education about Lotus House and those we serve.

Our Young Leaders also know how to have fun, and by joining, have access to exclusive events in support of Lotus House. Seeds of Change are the next generation who will ensure that Lotus House serves as a resource for generations of women, youth and children to come!

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact and sign up to our Mailing List!