Lotus Village demonstrates social and environmental equity through its physical construction and the services it houses. Each aspect of the state-of-the-art facility was thoughtfully selected to reduce environmental harm and enhance the well-being of occupants. The 100,000+ SF shelter earned a Gold level certification through the Florida Green Building Coalition for its exemplary performance in energy, water, site, health, materials and disaster mitigation criteria. The facility was designed to be exceptionally resilient to withstand the wear and tear of many sheltered guests and the surrounding tropical climate for generations to come.

Sustainable Diet

Plant-based Culinary Center

Farm-to-table on-site hydroponic farm


Natural daylight throughout

LED fixtures

Innovative Pest Control Strategy

Heat Treatment Room aka “The Green Room”

Pest resistant mattresses

Exterior Holistic Healing Spaces

Zen Garden

Reflection Garden

Urban Terrace

Non-Institutional Design

Curved walls

High ceilings

Gallery quality artwork


On-site generator

Emergency use circuitry

Impact resistant windows

Materials and Finishes

Natural materials: wood, tile

Therapeutic colors: white, light yellow, light pink, light blue

Durable furniture

Interior Holistic Healing Spaces

Yoga & Meditation Room

Arts & Activities Room

Healing Hands Salon

Lotus Village Voices Recording Studio


100% ADA accessible services and spaces

Braille signage

Inclusive signage