Our Founder
Constance Collins

A lawyer and businesswoman prior to founding Lotus House, Constance has been a full-time volunteer for the Lotus family of charitable organizations since 2004, founding and overseeing the development, operations, programming, services, research and growth of the Lotus House. 

Isabella Dell'Oca


Beatrice Gonzalez

Deputy Director

Katy Roth

Deputy Director of Operations 

Research and Program Development

Donna MacDonald, MHSC

Human Resources Director

Angela Verseane, BA

Community Outreach Director

Victoria Varela

Intake and Victim Services Team

Laura Klinefelter, LMHC

Children's Services Director

Shana Cox, LCSW, PsyD

Clinical Director of Families Program​

Stephanie Padro, LMFT

Assistant Director of Families Program

Yvanne Joseph, LMHC, MFT

Senior Resource Coordinator- Families

Marguine Adme, BS

Clinical Director of Singles/Youth Program

Gabrielle Contreras, LCSW

Assistant Director of Singles Program​

Raina Edwards, LMHC

Senior Resource Coordinator- Singles

Doraiza Sanchez, BA

Diagnostic Specialist and Director

Michelle Firot, PsyD

Assistant Director of Youth Program​

Courtnie Vargas-Rodriguez, LMFT

Community Health Director

Nichole Burke, MSW

Recovery Support, Wellness Director

Rai Taylor Johnson, MCAP, MSW

Operations Director

Sharonee Develvante

Director of Programming

Geneva Comeau, MS, LMHC

Assistant Director of Programming

Esther Gaines

Innovations & Program Development Director

Jackie Roth, BA

Employment and Education Director

Cynthia Perez, BA

Director Grants Management, Quality Assurance and Reporting

Marta Vega, BS

Director of Quality Assurance​

Marie Alcineus, BA

Senior Grants Manager

Patricia Flores

Financial Manager

Emily Viera, MBA

Guest Services Director

Carole Jordan, BA

Guest Services Director

Georgette Madison

Guest Services Director

Runisha Johnson

Guest Services Director

Monyia Knights

Guest Services Director

Dominique Cooney

Culinary Center Director

Betty Forcer

Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique Director​

Ronide Blanc

Director of Research, Policy and Education

Shameequa Buxton, Esq.

Board of Directors

Our board of Directors is made up of a diverse group of professionals, all with one mission, to end and prevent homelessless in our community and in our nation. Meet our Board