Meet Our Team

Our team consists of highly skilled and mission-focused professionals who are dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. With over one-third of our team being alumni of our program, we are committed to providing opportunities for our all to thrive. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and to creating an environment that is welcoming and supportive for all those who call Lotus House home. 

Isabella Dell'Oca

Executive Director

Beatrice Gonzalez


Katy Roth

Deputy director of compliance

Stephanie Padro

Clinical Deputy Director

Shana Cox

Deputy Director of children services

Rai Johnson

Wellness director

Amanda Ley

Clinical Director: Singles

Widline Fertilien

Clinical Director: Youth

Nicole Carnero

Clinical Director: Families

Laura Kleinfelter

Director of Intake and Victim Services

Angela Verseane

Human Resources

Victoria Varela

Community Outreach

Sharonee Delevante

Director of Operations

Cynthia Perez

Director of Employment and education

Geneva Comeau

Director of programming

Marta Vega

Director of Grants Management, Compliance & Quality Assurance

Marie Alcineus

Director of Quality Assurance

Emily Viera

Financial Manager

Muriel Ayala

Director of Children's Services

Doraiza Sanchez

Senior Resource Coordinator

Marguine Adme

Senior Resource Coordinator

Alicia Nuby

Director of Reporting and Compliance

Georgette Madison

Director of guests services

Monyia Knights

Director of guests services

Carole Jordan

Director of guests services

Dominique Cooney

Director of guests services

Esther Gaines

Asst Director of Programming

Runisha Johnson

Community Outreach & Farm Coordinator