The Heart of a Volunteer

Meet Iona!

Senior Operations Manager at Lotus House

What was your experience like at Lotus House?

My experience at Lotus House was so uplifting, because I got so many open arms. I continued to know there was no other way I could go but forward. I saw that when you are in doubt or struggling, there is always someone there that can relate to you because of so many staff members that work here. To get a meal three times a day, basic supplies for personal hygiene for you and your children, it really allowed me to see Lotus House is a house for single ladies and ladies with children that continue to look out for you.

I have the honor of working at Lotus Village. To be apart of an amazing family who does so much for those in need truly is a blessing from God. Because I have experienced the challenge of being  homeless, I am able to pass on some of the wonderful support that I was given to the ladies. 


What are you most looking forward to in 2022?
There 3 things that I am looking forward to this year:

  • I look forward to working with the incredible team putting together the next Homeless Resource Fair in our community and getting more involved with others who continue to do so much for others. 
  • I have a love for photography and I am working on getting my camera and needed equipment to continue to learn more about the field. To be able to capture the moment, record what goes on while out is an art that gives me such a rush. As funny as it may sound, the camera, it’s features and the memory are the main feature on my cell phone. When I go out, I am always watching what’s around.
  • One thing that is on my list of must do is deep sea diving. I have had a love for the water since I was 5. To go and be around it, to take pictures of that amazing life that seems so enchanting will be a dream that I will make come true.