The Wynwood Yard Organizes First Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt to Raise Funds for Charity

The Yard partnered with energetic travel host Cecile Raubenheimer to co-host the festivities. Neighborhood shops Kit & Ace, Shinola, Warby Parker, MiMo Market, Illesteva, Nomad Tribe, Iris Tattoo, Wynwood Letterpress, the Workshop, Orteas, and Boho Hunter contributed to the grand prize that had attendees motivated.

Aside from the promise of goodies, hunters felt good that with their paid ticket, they were contributing to two worthwhile charities: Miami’s Lotus House and South Africa’s Caring4Girls.

Naturally, New Times signed up with a team and showed up ready to kick ass. After all, our offices are in the neighborhood, so it would be pretty embarrassing if we didn’t come in top place.

Our first clue was the most detailed one we would see all day, but after the first two lines — “Pink and blue mural stripe” and “Fashion and social impact” — it was easy to guess Nomad Tribe. After trekking from NW 29 Street to NW 23rd Street, our suspicions were correct. There, our next hint was given, and we were sent zigzagging up and down NW Second Avenue.

Eventually, as guests could guess, the scavenger hunt cleverly weaved participants through all of the partnered shops. At each stop, we were asked to do a special activation before being shown our next pointer. We took a lot of selfies that day.

Despite all the walking (cough, running) around under a sticky Miami sun, it was an afternoon filled with creative problem-solving among friends. And, for the record, the New Times team completed the challenge in 48 minutes and won. (Sunglasses-wearing emoji here.) The Wynwood Coloring Book team came in a close second.

Saturday’s scavenger hunt was the first of its kind for the Wynwood Yard. The pop-up space plans to organize another soon. So if you missed the first round, stay up-to-date by visiting