Lotus House weeps in the tragedy of lost life, opportunity and inequities in our country stemming from deep historical wounds and persistent ongoing gender and racial discrimination and inequity. Over the past 15 years, we have sheltered thousands of high special needs women and children, most of whom are persons of color lacking meaningful access to safe affordable housing, child care, education, health care, economic opportunity, and social and economic justice. Lotus House is committed to advancing the status of women and children, providing sanctuary with deep therapeutic supports to heal and enriched resources to reclaim lives marked by violence, poverty and discrimination, so that they may blossom into who they are meant to be. We advocate for enlightened public and social policies and best practices to bring an end to homelessness and are committed to solutions that provide racial, gender, social and economic justice for all.  Meaningful financial security and affordable, safe housing must be assured for everyone in our country, and in times of inevitable transition, it is essential for trauma informed, enriched shelter with deep protective factors, education, tools and resources, such as those we provide at Lotus House, to be available for everyone. A safe home and supportive shelter are as fundamental to the pursuit of life, liberty, prosperity and happiness as food, education, and health care. At Lotus House, we are committed to bringing an end to homelessness and a world in which safety, dignity, respect, truly equal opportunity, compassion and love reign.